Arrifana Sunset Fest 2017

Agora sim... Estamos de volta. Mais uma edição do Arrifana Sunset Fest que se avizinha. A décima terceira. Queremos ver-vos por lá. Mais informações para muito breve. Mais música e mais boas vibrações no cantinho mais bonito do mundo.

We're back!! Another Arrifana Sunset Fest Edition. The 13th in a row. We wanna see you there. More info really soon. More music, more good vibes on the most beatiful place in the world.

See YA

Arrifana Sunset Fest, July 30. 2017

Frankie Chavez ASF17


Rosemary Baby

Peyoti for President

Trio Cadmira+1

João Dinis Feat. Ângelo B

Kid Selecta

Remember 2016 ASF#12


The Arrifana Sunsetfest, a music festival held once a year at the end of July for one night at the Arrifana fishing harbour, is becoming an institution for surfers, returning holiday makers and locals.

Set at the waterfront below the fishing village of Arrifana, a coastal part of Aljezur, different musicians and bands from Portugal and other countries play their tunes from early evening until 5 or 6am the next morning.

Local food and drinks help the visitors to keep their strength during 10 hours of great music, dance and party. The music is mostly reggae and rock, through hip-hop, funk, ska and electronic, the right combination at the perfect location. The first Arrifana Sunsetfest was held 2004. The 2017 Sunsetfest is on Sunday, July 30.

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